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Chemical Formula: Cd
Atomic Number: 48
Atomic Weight: 112.411
Category: Transition Metal

Cadmium is most often found in zinc ores and is therefore often produced as a co-product. China continues to be the top producer of cadmium, although there is production in Korea, Japan, Europe and North America. About three quarters of all cadmium is used in batteries, such as rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries.

High Purity Cadmium Metal

High purity cadmium is mainly used in the production of semiconductors, high purity alloys and batteries. However, some solders, solar cells and infrared detectors also contain high purity cadmium.


Cadmium Metal

Cadmium metal is used in alloys, solders and electroplating. Cadmium electroplating in the aircraft industry provides corrosion resistance and cathodic protection to low-alloyed steels. ...