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100g gallium

Chemical Formula: Ga
Description: Lustrous silver metal
Purity: ≥ 99.99%
Packing: 100g, 250g, 500g & 1kg bottles
CAS No: 7440-55-3

100g-500g Bottles of Gallium Metal:

SMI Ltd. supplies laboratories, collectors and home scientists with gallium metal in 100g, 250g and 500g bottles. Gallium's unique properties, particularly its ability to remain a liquid at room temperature and its ability to quickly corrode aluminum, make the metal of particular interest to the curious-minded. Gallium can also be grown into beautiful single crystals relatively easily.

Whether you are looking to buy the lustrous silver metal for sampling, testing or experimenting, SMI Ltd. can supply small quantities of gallium for delivery worldwide. Please contact us regarding gallium prices and any specific requirements you may have.

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