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Germanium first came to prominence in the late 1930s with the development of the solid state electronics. Today, germanium metal is commercially used to manufacture infrared optics and photovoltaic cells, while germanium dioxide (GeO2) and germanium tetrachloride (GeCl4) are used in the production of fiber-optic coatings, PET plastic, specialty gases and phosphors.

SMI Ltd. has been refining high purity germanium dioxide since 2009. We are a supplier of germanium dioxide as well as germanium ingots. Please contact us for a current germanium price or with your specific requirements.

germanium dioxide supplier

GeO2 99.999% min. -
Germanium Dioxide

Germanium dioxide is a stable, white powder that is most commonly extracted from sphalerite zinc ores and lignite coal fly ash. Germanium concentrates can be treated via a chlorine distillation method that...

Germanium Dioxide
germanium metal supplier

Germanium Metal -
Polycrystalline Ingots

Germanium metal is primarily used for the production of infrared and specialty optical lenses, but is also used in semiconductors and solar cells. Polycrystalline ingots are produced via a zone refining method...

Germanium Metal Polycrystalline
purchase germanium metal zone refined ingots

Germanium Metal -
Zone Refined Ingots

Germanium metal ingots are most commonly produced by upgrading germanium dioxide (GeO2) via a zone refining process. Zone refining germanium involves passing raw material through a hot zone that...

Germanium Metal Ingots

Germanium Powder -
-200 mesh 99.999%

Germanium is used widely in electronic devices, solar power arrays, night vision devices, optical lens systems, fiber optics and metal alloys. SMI Ltd. stocks and supplies -200 mesh germanium metal powder for...

Germanium Powder

Germanium Dioxide -
99.999% min. GeO2

Germanium dioxide (GeO2) can be used as a catalyst in the production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic or converted to germane gas (GeH4) for the semiconductor industry...

Germanium Dioxide
germanium metal evaporation grade 5n supplier

Germanium Metal -
Evaporation Grade 5N

SMI Ltd. currently stocks and supplies evaporation grade germanium metal pieces. The 5-10mm pieces are in excess of 99.999% pure and can easily be used in vacuum chamber crucibles....

Germanium Evaporation Grade 5N