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Germanium Metal | Zone Refined Ingots

zone refined germanium ingots

Chemical Formula: Ge
Description: Lustrous silver metal
Purity: ≥ 99.999%
Packing: 500g-1500g Ingots
CAS No: 7440-56-4

Zone Refined Germanium Metal Ingots:

Germanium metal ingots are most commonly produced by upgrading germanium dioxide (GeO2) via a zone refining process. Zone refining germanium involves passing raw material through a hot zone that creates high purity molten metal. Impurities collect in the molten material and are pushed back as the germanium metal solidifies as it exits the hot zone. Zone refining was developed for germanium metal in the 1950s when it was used in early semiconductors.

Zone refined germanium ingots are the most commercial form of germanium metal and are used in the production of infrared and specialty optical lenses, as well as in in semiconductor and solar cell substrates.

SMI Ltd. is a supplier of 99.999% min. zone refined germanium ingots. Please contact us for a current germanium price or with your specific germanium requirements.

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