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hafnium metal

Hafnium is a hard, corrosion resistant metal that is has similar properties to zirconium. In fact, similarities between the two metals makes them incredibly difficult to separate. The presence of zirconium within the metal, however, critically affects the properties of hafnium. As a result, hafnium metal is priced based not only on the hafnium content, but also zirconium content.

SMI Ltd. is a supplier of hafnium metal (99.9% min. / Zr 1.0% max.), but also can offer 99.9% min. hafnium metal (Zr 0.5% max) . Please contact us to purchase hafnium or current prices.

Hafnium Metal Pieces
Hf+Zr 99.9% | Zr <1.0%

Hafnium metal is widely used in nuclear control rods due to its neutron absorbing ability and in high temperature alloys, such as those used in rocket thruster nozzles or turbine blades...

Hafnium Metal Pieces

High Purity Hafnium
Hf+Zr 99.9% | Zr <0.5%

Hafnium metal is produced as a by-product of zirconium refining. An estimated 60 to 70 metric tonnes of the element are produced worldwide each year. The consumption of hafnium...

High Purity Hafnium Metal