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hf metal

Chemical Formula: Hf
Purity: Hf + Zr 99.9% min.
Zr Content: 1.0% max.
Packing: 20kgs per drum
Size: 1-2 inch pieces

Mohs Hardness: 5.5
Atomic Weight: 178.49
Melting Point: 2233 °C
Density: 13.31 g/cm3
Crystal Structure: Hexagonal closed-faced

Hafnium Metal 99.9% min.:

Hafnium metal is widely used in nuclear control rods due to its neutron absorbing ability and in high temperature alloys, such as those used in rocket thruster nozzles or turbine blades, because of its strong resistance to heat deformation. Hafnium, a refractory metal, is also used as an electrode in plasma cutting tips and as a gas scavenger in incandescent lamps.

SMI Ltd. stocks and supplies 99.9% min. melt grade hafnium metal pieces with a zirconium content of 1.0% max., as well as material with zirconium content as low as 0.5% max. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirement or for a current hafnium price.

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