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High Purity Hafnium Metal (Low Zr)


Image credit: Deglr6328 (Wikipedia - CC BY-SA 3.0)

Chemical Formula: Hf
Purity: Hf + Zr 99.9% min.
Zr Content: 0.5% max.
Packing: 20kgs per drum
Size: <1 inch pieces

Mohs Hardness: 5.5
Thermal Conductivity: 23.0 W/(m·K)
Melting Point: 2233 °C
Boiling Point: 4603 °C
Crystal Structure: Hexagonal closed-faced

High Purity Hafnium Metal (Low Zr):

Hafnium metal is produced as a by-product of zirconium refining. An estimated 60 to 70 metric tonnes of the element are produced worldwide each year. The consumption of hafnium is spread across a number of industries, from electronics to nuclear. The largest consumer of the metal, however, are super-alloy manufacturers who use hafnium to improve stress resistant properties of alloys at high temperatures.

SMI Ltd. can supply high purity 99.9% min (Hf+Zr). melt grade hafnium metal pieces with a zirconium content of 0.5% max. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirement or to purchase high purity hafnium metal as well as a current hafnium price.

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