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Iridium is the second most dense element and considered the most corrosion-resistant element because of its ability to resist attack from gases, salts and acids. Due to its rarity, global iridium production totals only about 3 tonnes per year. The is most often extracted as a by-product of nickel and platinum group metal-rich ores.

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99.9% Iridium Powder |Electronic Grade

High purity iridium powder is extracted as a by-product of nickel ores and a co-product of platinum metal. Among the most dense of all elemental metals, iridium is...

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100g Iridium Powder
Bottles | -200 mesh

Iridium is a very rare and unique platinum group metal. Extremely stable, dense and resistant to degradation by acids and salts, iridium has numerous chemical...

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Iridium Powder |
99.9% min. -200 mesh

Iridium is used to manufacture autocatalysts, dimensionally stable anodes, high temperature crucibles, as well as dental and jewellery alloys...

Iridium Powder (-200 Mesh)

Iridium Prices &
the Market for Iridium

Iridium prices have fluctuated between US$ 300 and US$ 1100 per troy ounce over the past decade. Prior to 2010, the price for iridium...

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