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iridium powder

Chemical Formula: Ir
Description: Grey powder
Purity: 99.9-99.95% min.
Packing: As required
CAS No: 7439-88-5

Melting Point 2446 °C
Density: 22.56 g/cm3
Mohs Hardness: 6.5
Crystal Structure: Face-centered cubic
Thermal Conductivity: 147 W/(m·K)

Iridium Powder:

Iridium is a rare and dense platinum group metal that is valued for its resistance to corrosion and high temperature stability. Extracted as a by-product of nickel and platinum ores, iridium is used to manufacture autocatalysts, dimensionally stable anodes, high temperature crucibles, as well as dental and jewellery alloys.

SMI Ltd. stocks and supplies 99.9% min. iridium powder. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your detailed requirements or for a current iridium price.

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