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scandium price

Scandium Price:

Owing to its scarcity and limited production, scandium is one of the most expensive of all the natural elements. Prices for 99.99% pure scandium (RE: 99% min. | Sc/TREM: 99.99% min.) have fluctuated between US$ 4000 and US$ 20,000 per kilogram over the past decade. Of course, because of the limited amount of material produced globally and the limited market for scandium, there is also a wide range of prices offered for the metal at any given time.

During the rare earth shortage of 2010, the price for scandium metal soared from a few thousand US dollars to over US$ 15,000 per kilogram. The more widely commercially used form, scandium oxide (Sc2O3), meanwhile, was being offered at prices of over US$ 7000/kg. In the half decade following that period of significant price gains, however, limited demand and steady production has resulted in the price of scandium falling back towards its 20-year average.

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