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tellurium granule

Chemical Formula: Te
Description: Metal granules
Purity: 99.99-99.999% min.
Packing: As required
CAS No: 13494-80-9

Density: 6.24g/cm3
Young's Modulus (GPa): 43
Size: 1-6mm or as required
Melting Point: 449.5 °C
Molecular Wt.: 127.60 g/mol

Tellurium Granules:

SMI Ltd. is able to produce and supply high purity tellurium granules and tellurium shot in purities from 99.99% min. Shot can be produced to order in sizes from 1mm to 6mm in purities up to 5N, while our standard granules generally range from 2mm to 6mm and are available as a 4N purity.

Along with tellurium granules, we are stock and supply tellurium ingots and tellurium dioxide(TeO2). Please contact us to purchase tellurium granules, or to discuss the current tellurium price and your specific needs.