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Chemical Formula: W


Tungsten-Rhenium thermocouple assemblies produced and developed by SMI Ltd.’s engineers permit ultra-high temperature measurements far in excess of conventional ISA standard letter designated thermocouples. Traditional base metal thermocouple technology can be used to measure temperatures to approximately 1200°C. For higher temperature requirements the noble metal designs are reliable to 1800°C. For ultra-high temperature requirements, SMI Ltd. offers the Tungsten-Rhenium assemblies for requirements to 2300°C. SMI Ltd.’s technology to produce tungsten-rhenium wire, has helped us to become a leading producer of Tungsten- Rhenium thermocouple assemblies. From annealing applications, to sintering, to heat-treating applications, SMI Ltd. can provide clients consistent quality at competitive pricing. Combined with our engineering and technical expertise, SMI Ltd. will help provide solutions to your ultra-high temperature applications.