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SMI Ltd. Announces Launch of Strategic Metal Report

20 August 2010


 August 20, 2010
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SMI Ltd. is proud to announce the launch of Strategic Metal Report (SM Report), a free website that provides market followers with up-to-date, independent and unique analysis of minor metal markets.

Strategic Metal Report covers economic issues affecting the supply and pricing of minor metals, including antimony, bismuth, gallium, germanium, indium, lithium, manganese, rare earths and tungsten, among others. SM Report also regularly publishes market reports and price forecasts produced by the research staff at SMI Ltd. The website’s blog format allows readers to receive RSS feeds from the site or subscribe simply by submitting their email address. Users are also welcome to offer feedback and input using the comments section found at the bottom of each page.

Current reports include:

•    Environmental Defense of RE Export Quotas May Invite WTO Action
•    Antimony Market Report – August 2010
•    Gallium Market Report – August 2010
•    Exchange Rates & Minor Metals: How Appreciation of the Yuan Will Effect Minor Metal Prices
•    China’s Growing Role in the Production & Supply of Minor Metals
•    Germanium Supply & Market Outlook 2010
•    Defining Minor & Strategic Metals

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