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Strategic Metal Investments Ltd. (SMI Ltd.) is a diversified minor metals company with production, marketing and sales operations in Canada, China, Korea and India.


We specialize in minor metals. Whether you are looking for a regular supply of bismuth or germanium ingots or just need a few hundred grams of indium metal, we can help you.

At SMI Ltd., we understand that pricing and supply reliability are primary concerns for our clients. This is why we design customized inventory and delivery schedules that provide you with timely delivery without having your capital unnecessarily tied up in excess inventory.

We work directly with clients to determine annual requirements and stock inventories accordingly in order to reduce lead times, price volatility and the risk of supply shortages. By communicating this information on to you and working with agents located on three different continents, we can offer customized, timely and cost-effective delivery schedules.

At SMI Ltd., our goal is to help clients establish more efficient and reliable minor metal supply chains. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


As well as being a specialized supplier of minor and strategic metals, SMI Ltd. offers an expanding range of related chemicals. In response to demand from the metal plating industry, we stock and supply chromium chloride, chromium nitrate and zirconium carbonate. We also offer a range of carbides, nitrides and metals powders for hard-facing, coating and sintering applications, as well as a various other oxides, chlorides, nitrates and industrial compounds.

Please contact us to speak about your specific requirements and we will do our best to help you find get you what you need.


SMI Ltd. began production of high purity germanium dioxide (GeO2) in 2009. Specializing in 99.999% (5N) pure germanium dioxide, we provide a reliable and direct supply of material to the semiconductor, PET plastic and optical fibre industries. High purity single and poly-crystal germanium metal ingots in various grades and sizes are also available.

Please contact us with details of your specific germanium requirements.