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Strategic Metal Investments Ltd. (SMI Ltd.) is a diversified supplier of minor metals company with production, marketing and sales operations in Canada, China, Korea and India.

Popular Minor Metals Sold at SMI Ltd.

Germanium Oxide for sale, Germanium Oxide Price


Germanium is a rare semi-metal that is extracted from residues of sphalerite zinc ore and lignite coal deposits. Less than 200 metric tonnes of germanium are refined globally each year. The most commonly available forms of germanium are zone-refined ingots and germanium dioxide (GeO2). In its oxide form, germanium is used as a catalyst in the production of certain PET plastics or used in the manufacture of germane gas for the semiconductor industry. GeO2 can also be used as a precursor to germanium tetrachloride, which used as an additive to optical fibre cores. In its metallic form, germanium is most often used in the production of infra-red lenses and thermal imaging devices. A germanium dioxide supplier, SMI Ltd. refines the element from recyclable sources as well as zinc residues.

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Iridium Powder,


Iridium is a lustrous and dense platinum group metal that is used in electrical, chemical and high temperature applications. Like other platinum group metals, the main source of iridium is South Africa. However, the metal is also refined from nickel ores mined in Russia and Canada. Due to its stability at high temperatures, iridium is used to make crucibles for growing crystal sapphire as well as lithium-based and yttrium-aluminum garnet crystals. It is also used as an anode material in the manufacture of chlorine and caustic soda. SMI Ltd. is an iridium supplier and keeps inventory of iridium powder for use in electrical and chemical applications.

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Tellurium Dioxide, Purchase Tellurium, Tellurian Dioxide Price


Tellurium is a brittle, silver-coloured metal that is used in certain steel and iron alloys as well as in a number of electronic applications. Extracted from the anode sludge produced during copper refining, tellurium is often refined alongside selenium. Although it is more rare in the earth's crust than gold, tellurium's occurrence within copper bearing ores makes it more economical to extract. Nevertheless, only a few hundred metric tonnes of the element are refined worldwide each year. As a tellurium supplier, SMI Ltd. retains inventory of tellurium ingots, tellurium powder and tellurium dioxide (TeO2).

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Purchase Bismuth, Bismuth for sale, Bismuth Price


Bismuth is a heavy, stable and non-toxic metal that is generally used in alloys as a substitute for lead, antimony and cadmium. Produced as a by-product of lead, tungsten, tin and zinc ores, bismuth is most often refined as 10 to 15 kilogram (22 to 33lb) ingots with a minimum purity of 99.99%. Roughly 17,000 metric tonnes of bismuth are refined globally every year. China is the major source for this material, accounting for over 80 percent of all production. As a bismuth supplier, SMI Ltd. keeps inventory and can offer bismuth metal ingots for delivery internationally.

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purchase gallium, gallium for sale, gallium metal for sale, Gallium price


Gallium is bright silvery metal that melts at room temperature and is corrosive to other metals. Extracted from bauxite during the Bayer Process of refining aluminum ore to alumina, gallium is commercially available in purities from 99.99%. Approximately 450 metric tonnes of gallium are refined annually. The majority of which is produced in China. Gallium is primarily used in the manufacture of gallium arsenide wafers for use in telecommunication devices and gallium-nitride, a semiconductor found in light emitting diodes. As a gallium supplier, SMI Ltd. retains inventory of 99.99%, 99.999% and 99.9999% gallium metal, as well as gallium trioxide.

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Hafnium is a hard refractory metal that is extracted as a by-product of refining zirconium. Hafnium's high melt temperature 2233°C (4051°F) makes it ideal for use in high temperature and super-alloys, while its high neutron absorption cross-section allows the metal to be used in nuclear control rods. Roughly 75 metric tonnes of hafnium is refined worldwide each year, with the majority of this total coming from two major producers. As a hafnium supplier, SMI Ltd. offers hafnium ingots and pieces with zirconium content of less than 1% and crystal bars with zirconium content of <0.5%.

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