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Tellurium is one of the most rare, stable and solid elements in the earth’s crust. Generally extracted from anode sludge produced during the refining of copper, tellurium is classified as a metalloid - or semi-metal - meaning it has some properties of both metals and non-metals. Due to its unique thermo-electric properties, tellurium is used in a variety of applications, including cadmium telluride (CdTe) photovoltaic cells.

SMI Ltd. is a supplier of tellurium metal ingots, tellurium powder and tellurium dioxide (TeO2). Please contact us to purchase tellurium, and to discuss current prices or your specific requirements.

Tellurium Metal Ingots
99.5% - 99.99% min.

Tellurium is widely used in metallurgical and thermo-electronic applications. Alloyed with copper, tellurium inhibits hydrogen embrittlement and increases machineability. The metal also has a high level of conductivity, making it ideal...

Tellurium Metal Ingots

High Purity Tellurium
99.99-99.999% (4N-5N)

Tellurium is used in used in the electronics industry due to its unique electrical and thermo-conductive properties. It can be found thermo-electric materials, such as bismuth telluride (BiTe) cooling devices, as well as infrared sensors and cadmium telluride....

High Purity Tellurium

Tellurium Powder
99.9% min. | -200 mesh

SMI Ltd. stocks and supplies tellurium metal powder in purities from 99.5 to 99.99% min. Our standard metallurgical grade tellurium powders is produced as -100 mesh (<150 micron), while higher purity, thermo-conductor grade material can be produced...

Tellurium Powder

Tellurium Dioxide (TeO2)
99.9-99.999% min.

Tellurium dioxide is used as an acousto-optic material because of its ability to form glass with high refractive indices. Re-writable optical discs, including DVDs and CDs make use of TeO2 in their media layer. TeO2 crystals are used in acousto-optic....

Tellurium Dioxide

Tellurium Granules
1-6mm | 99.99-99.999%

SMI Ltd. is able to produce and supply high purity tellurium granules and tellurium shot in purities from 99.99% min. Shot can be produced to order in sizes from 1mm to 6mm in purities up to 5N, while our standard granules range from 2mm...

Tellurium Granules

Tellurium Metal Powder
-100 mesh | 99.5% min.

An estimated 600 metric tonnes of tellurium is refined each year, mainly from copper slags and residues. Nearly half of all tellurium consumption is accounted for by the solar industry, in particular, the production of...

Tellurium Metal Powder

Tellurium Metal
>99.9% | ~500g Ingots

Tellurium metal is used as an alloying agent in steel and copper to increase machineability. The metal's semiconductive and thermoelectric properties also make tellurium a key component in cadmium telluride (CdTe) photovoltaic cells...

Tellurium 500g Ingots.

Tellurium Price Trends |
The Global Te Market

Due to the metal's production as a by-product of copper refining, as well as its dependence on certain technologies, prices for tellurium are amongst the most volatile of any metal. Between 2009 and 2016, tellurium metal prices ranged from US$ 30 per kg to....

Tellurium Price Trends