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Naturally occurring in bauxite ore, gallium metal can be extracted from the spent liquor at aluminum refineries. About 300 to 400 metric tonnes of the metal is refined every year, with China accounting for about three-quarters of this total. Gallium is alloyed with arsenide and nitride for the production of integrated circuits, or converted to trimethyl gallium for the production of light emitting diodes (LEDs). While gallium prices soared in 2010 and 2011, in recent years new sources of the metal have returned prices closer to their long-term average.

SMI Ltd. is a gallium metal supplier in quantities from 100g to over 1000kgs. We also have stock of high purity gallium and gallium trioxide (Ga2O3). Please feel free to contact us to purchase gallium metal or for a gallium price.

Gallium Metal 99.99%
(1kg bottles)

Gallium is a lustrous silver metal that melts at just 29ºC (84ºF). Naturally occurring in bauxite ore, gallium is primarily extracted as a by-product aluminum smelting. More than half of all gallium is used in the production of...

Gallium Metal 99.9%

Gallium Metal 99.99%
(100-500g bottles)

SMI Ltd. supplies laboratories, collectors and home scientists with gallium metal in 100g, 250g and 500g bottles. Gallium is a lustrous silver metal with unique properties, particularly its ability to remain a liquid at room....

Gallium Metal (Bottles)

High Purity Gallium
5N-6N (1kg bottles)

High purity gallium is used to produce gallium arsenide wafers, semi-insulators that are used in a wide range of electronics, including cell phones and computers. Trimethyl gallium and gallium nitride are used...

High Purity Gallium (1kg Bottles)

Gallium Trioxide
Ga2O3 (1kg bottles)

Gallium trioxide is used as a phosphor in light emitting diodes, as well as in lasers and other luminescent materials. SMI Ltd. currently stocks the β phase of gallium trioxide, but α-Ga2O3 is available...

Gallium Trioxide (1kg Bottles)

Ga2O3 99.99% min.
Gallium Trioixide

Gallium trioxide (Ga2O3) is a white powder produced from the element's metallic form. SMI Ltd. carries stock of the stable β-Ga2O3, which is commonly used as a phosphor in light emitting diodes (LEDs), as well as....

Ga2O3 99.99%

Gallium For Sale

Increasing use and availability of gallium metal now allows more curious minds than ever before to study the metal and experience its unique liquid metal and corrosive properties. SMI Ltd. sells gallium metal directly to individuals, researchers and commercial end-users....

Gallium for Sale

Gallium Price

Between 2000 and 2008, the average gallium metal price (99.99% min.) ranged between US$ 200 and US$ 400 per kilogram. Sudden growth in demand for LEDs from smart phone and flat screen display producers, as well as government-led initiatives to encourage....

Gallium Price

Gallium Market

The gallium market is primarily driven by demand for communication and display electronics. The production of gallium arsenide (GaAs), a semiconductor that is used in smart phones and other handset devices as well as light emitting diodes....

Gallium Market