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4 May 2016


 May 4, 2016

SMI Ltd. is now stocking 99.9-99.95% min. iridium powder.Iridium Powder Tall

Iridium is a rare platinum group metal that is used in high temperature alloys and conductive technologies. The metal’s high resistance to corrosive attack by salts and acids makes it ideal for chemical and electrochemical applications. Due to iridium’s ability to alloy with gold, as well as the two metals’ similar density, iridium powder has also been used as an alloying agent in gold jewellery.

SMI Ltd. can supply iridium metal powder in quantities as required. Our standard product is -200 mesh and 99.9% min. purity, but please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your specific requirement or for the current iridium price.


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